Will You Attend the Canton Fair in China?

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“Will you attend the Canton Fair in China?” is a question that every buyer and purchaser must consider since the beginning of this year. In January 2023, the Chinese government finally announced its reopening after a challenging year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with no limits on the virus. This news has brought relief not only to the country but also to the rest of the world, especially those who are eager to attend fairs in China, such as fabric fairs, textile fairs, and the Canton Fair.

Why Should I Attend Fairs in China After Reopening?

Attending fairs in China after its reopening can be advantageous for buyers and purchasers. Here are some reasons why attending these fairs can be beneficial:

  1. Access to a vast market: China is known for having robust resources, including a highly skilled workforce, abundant natural resources, and advanced manufacturing capabilities. As the world’s largest manufacturing hub, China has a vast network of suppliers and manufacturers across various industries, making it an ideal destination for attending fairs.
  2. Cost-effective sourcing: Sourcing products from China can be cost-effective due to lower labor costs, and attending fairs can help buyers and purchasers identify better pricing opportunities.
  3. Opportunities to see new products: Attending fairs in China offers the opportunity to see new products and innovations in the industry, which can provide a competitive advantage.
  4. Building relationships with suppliers: Face-to-face interactions with suppliers can lead to better relationships, trust, and long-term partnerships, which can result in more favorable terms and pricing.
  5. Industry insights: Fairs provide insights into the latest fashion trends and developments in the industry, which can help businesses stay ahead of the competition.
  6. One-stop-shop: Attending fairs in China allows buyers and purchasers to source multiple products in one location, making it an efficient way to do business.
  7. Cultural exchange: Attending fairs in China offers the chance to experience Chinese culture, build cultural understanding, and establish personal connections that are crucial in doing business with Chinese companies.

In conclusion, attending fairs in China after its reopening presents numerous benefits to buyers and purchasers, including cost-effective sourcing, access to a vast market, building relationships with suppliers, and gaining industry insights.

Key Considerations for Attending Fairs in China: What Buyers and Purchasers Need to Know

Attending fairs in China can be a valuable experience, but it’s important to keep certain things in mind to make the most of your visit. Here are some things to consider when attending fairs in China:

  1. Preparation: Before attending a fair in China, do your research on the event, exhibitors, and attendees. Develop a clear plan for what you hope to achieve and what you want to accomplish during your visit.
  2. Logistics: Be sure to make travel arrangements, such as booking flights and accommodations, well in advance. Also, check visa requirements and make sure you have the necessary documentation to enter China.
  3. Language: English is not widely spoken in China, so it’s helpful to have a translator or interpreter to assist you during the fair. Alternatively, you can learn some basic Chinese phrases to help you communicate with locals.
  4. Cultural differences: China has a unique culture, and it’s essential to be aware of cultural differences when attending fairs. For example, exchanging business cards is a common practice, and it’s considered impolite to refuse a business card when offered.
  5. Etiquette: Be respectful of Chinese customs and etiquette, such as showing deference to older individuals and addressing people by their formal titles.
  6. Safety and security: China is a safe country, but it’s still important to take precautions to ensure your safety. Be mindful of your belongings and avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  7. Follow-up: After the fair, follow up with the contacts you made and keep the momentum going. Connect with them on social media or schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss potential business opportunities.

By considering these factors, you can have a successful and productive experience attending fairs in China.

Number of Fairs Scheduled in China for the Current Year(For Fashion&Apparel)

  1. China International Fashion Fair (CHIC): The China International Fashion Fair (CHIC) is one of the largest fashion trade shows in Asia and a must-attend event for industry professionals. Established in 1993, CHIC has been held biannually in spring and autumn in major Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. The event covers an area of over 100,000 square meters and attracts more than 1,200 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors from around the world.As a platform for fashion companies to showcase their latest collections, CHIC covers a wide range of product categories such as women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s wear, shoes, bags, accessories, and textiles. The fair features a mix of established brands and emerging designers, providing buyers and suppliers with a diverse range of products to choose from.CHIC not only offers a chance to source products but also provides a comprehensive look into the latest trends and innovations in the fashion industry. The event includes a series of forums, seminars, and workshops featuring industry experts discussing topics such as sustainability, design, and technology.

    With its international reach and comprehensive coverage of the fashion industry, CHIC has become a significant event in the global fashion calendar. It provides an opportunity for both established players and emerging talents in the industry to connect with customers, build relationships, and explore new business opportunities.

2. Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics: The Inter Shanghai Apparel Fabrics is one of the largest trade fairs for fabrics in China and an international platform for the trade of these substances. Founded in 1995, the fair has become a leading meeting point for the textile industry. The exhibition takes place semi-annually and is open to trade visitors only. When it comes to textiles and clothing, China is one of the most important countries in the world. Exhibitors have the opportunity to showcase their products and innovations to a broad audience, meet potential customers and increase their presence in the market. The visitor is able to inform himself comprehensively about the latest developments, trends, services, and products from the different areas.

Our company just attended both above 2 spring fairs which were held in Shanghai from 3/28-3/30. As domestic purchasers, we shared what we found from both fairs.

attend fairs in china

3. Canton Fair: The Canton Fair, also known as the China Import and Export Fair, is one of the largest trade fairs in the world. This biannual event has been held in Guangzhou, China since 1957 and attracts buyers and suppliers from all over the globe.

The fair is divided into three phases, with each phase covering different product categories such as electronics, machinery, home decor, textiles, clothing, and more. The fair showcases a vast range of products, from raw materials to finished goods, making it an ideal platform for buyers to source products for their businesses.

If you are an apparel&fashion buyer or purchaser, then it will be phase Ⅲ-5/1-5/5. By then, we also will be there. As a one-stop source for Garments& Fashion Accessories, we never will miss any chance to find more interesting/new goods from fairs.


In conclusion, the recent lifting of Covid-19 restrictions in China means that customers(purchaser+buyer) can now attend trade fairs, such as fabric fairs, textile fairs, and the Canton Fair. These events are an excellent opportunity for businesses to network, find new suppliers, and gain insights into new products and trends. With proper planning and preparation, attending a trade fair in China can be a valuable investment for any business in the textile industry.

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