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Evelyn is a woven scarves supplier in China for more than 20 years. From greige yarns, yarns dying, setting up the machine, weaving, brushing, packing, all these processes are executed in our factory.

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Our Custom Woven Scarves Collection

Light-weight woven scarf, medium woven scarf, brushed heavy woven scarf for winter

leopard jacquard woven scarves

leopard jacquard woven scarves

sequins woven light-weight scarf

sequins woven light-weight scarf

classic woven scarf

classic woven scarf

medium weight jacquard scarf

medium weight jacquard scarf

check plaid woven scarves

check plaid woven scarves

heavy brushed woven scarves

heavy brushed woven scarves

light-weight stripe scarf

light-weight woven scarves

light-weight woven scarves

Already Have A Design?

Contact our consultants for more details on custom woven scarves with your own design.

Multiple Options to Custom Woven Scarf

Using our expertise in making woven scarf, we will suggest some options to custom woven scarf.


To save environment, many many customers choose sustainable recycled yarns to be replaced. Besides normal polyester, acrylic, viscose, cotton yarns, we still can make 100%recycled polyester woven scarf, 100% organic cotton scarf, 100% lenzing modal scarf, etc.


For light-weight scarf, 27″wx71″L(70x180cm) is the normal size that customer did;

For heavy woven scarf, some customers did 20″wx70″L(50x180cm) or 27″wx71″L(70x180cm).

Certainly these sizes are our suggested sizes, we still can custom any sizes as customer needs.

Custom Pattern

Whatever for light-weight woven scarf or heavy brushed woven scarf, any patterns can be customized, customer can make any patterns such as leopard, stripe, color-block, patchwork, paisley, floral, etc for woven scarves.

Custom Scarf Fringe/Edges

For light-weight scarf, we recommend to do 2 long sides with hemming sides, 2 short sides to have 1″ fray edges or hemming also;

For heavy woven scarf, we recommend to do 0.25″ eyelash for 2 long sides, for the 2 short sides, it can have 1″ fray edges or 4″-5″ long cute fringes

Certainly these sizes are our suggested sizes, we still can custom any sizes as customer needs.

Custom Color

As to woven scarf, it is about the weft yarns and warp yarns, whatever, both can be customized with pantone color or color swatches.

Custom Shape

Usually when we talk about the scarf, it is just rectangle shape, however it also has square, triangle, diamond shapes. Any shapes can be customized in Evelyn, certainly Evelyn’ s sales team will also suggest the best shape for our customer with our rich experience.

4 Steps To Custom Your Woven Scarves

4 simple steps tell you how to custom woven scarf with Evelyn

Contact Evelyn

Choose your favorite image/Design. and send it to Evelyn

Order Your Scarves

Go to create. Choose your yarns/base. Choose your size. And order.


You have now turned your art piece into a scarf


You will get your woven scarves up to 5 weeks.

Why 200+ Clients Choose Evelyn

Evelyn is aim to offer best quality woven scarf for retailer, wholesaler, distributor.

20 years ago, we have been specialized in making woven scarves. We care every process to make our woven scarf, so we have professional workers to check every step to confirm our scarf are in good quality.

Rich Manufacturing Experience

With our rich experience in manufacturing, we know how to make a woven scarf to meet customer requirements.

BSCI/Sedex Approved

Annually, our factory do sedex and bsci audited.

Strong Designing Capability

Our design team can offer pattern color changing, pattern maker, silhouette creator.

Strict Quality Control

From initial inspection for the greige yarns to final finished scarf with AQL 2.5 inspection, we care quality in each step.

    Contact Evelyn to Order Woven Scarves!

    If you are still confused not to find a good supplier to do fashion woven scarves, then contact Evelyn right now!

    "she is very customer focused and made me proud. I thoroughly enjoyed doing business with Bailey. I wish all the best in her future endeavor."

    Custom Woven Scarves Ultimate Guide

    As a professional supplier of woven scarves, we helped a lot of start-up fashion accessories customers to grow up, make their brand builted-up. The reason is we play an important role on communicating the whole process of weaving scarves between customers and factories. We simplify the whole process to make every customer know how to make a woven scarf easily.

    What is woven scarf and the types

    When we talk about the woven scarf, it is about weft&warp yarns to be set up on the machine which are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric, then workers cut the whole batch fabrics into scarf as customer sizes. Simply, it is yarns to create the patterns.

    Type of woven scarves are light-weight woven scarf, medium weight, heavy weight brushed scarves. Also it has jacquard woven scarves which is more complicated woven scarves.

    #1 Light-Weight Woven Scarf

    Light-weight woven scarf is a very light scarf suitable for spring summer. GSM is around 50g/m2-100g/m2.

    bespoke lightweight woven scarf

    #2 Medium-Weight Woven Scarf

    This woven scarf is in medium-weight, GSM is around 100g/m2-160g/m2, which is wearing in fall and transitonal season.

    woven scarf factories

    #3 Heavy Woven Scarf

    Using thick yarns to do weaving, after weaving, it still needs to be brushed to make it more warm.

    heavy winter woven scarves

    #4 Jacquard Scarf

    Through jacquard mould, we can we weave different patterns as customers artwork, which is called jacquard scarf. Normal patterns are: leopard, stripe, patchwork, paisley, etc.

    Choosing the right Yarns for custom woven scarves

    Different yarns can have different handfeel through different weaving. For light-weight scarf, normal yarns are polyester, viscose, cotton, wool, acryic; For medium-weight scarf, normal yarns are polyester, viscose, etc; For heavy brushed scarf, normal yarns are polyester, acrylic.

    The Yarn Patterns & Colors for Your Scarves

    Through different yarns for weft and warp to be interlaced to create different patterns. Usually for warp yarns, we do not have color imits to be set, however for weft yarns, usually it has color limits, that is the maximum colors that we can have for weft is less than 7. 

    Treatment After Scarves Weaving

    After weaving, we will do different treatment for the whole fabrics or sometimes we did treatment for the cutted fabrics as scarf size. Through this process, different treatment will get different handfeel. It is the most important process to get high quality woven scarves. Factory need to put a lot of efforts to do different treatment.

    • Washing: Usually for light-weight scarf, when we finished weaving, it is very dry, after washing, the whole fabric will be soft. 

    • Brushing: Usually only for heavy woven scarf. After brushing, the whole scarf become more plusy, thick, warm.
    • Stabbing Process: It is a new way to make the whole fabric more soft compared with brushing, usually we did stabbing process for polyester woven scarf, and it is more smooth than brushing.
    • Pleating: We have our own pleating machine which can make different pleating texture patterns, until now, more than 100 pleating patterns have been used in our factory.

    Finishing And Care For Custom Woven Scarves

    Usually for the woven scarf, we can make fray edge, fringes, knotted fringes, hemming sides, baby lock stitching sides, etc. Differnt ways to have different weaving scarf.

    • Newly bought scarf: Please do attentin is the first thing is to do washing, so that it can be more clean to be wrapped on the neck.
    • Washing and Care: Simply wash in the cold water and then do line dry, tha is okay.


    How to make a top notch woven scarf has been like a idea which hass been deepened in our minds of each worker in Evelyn. We care every process to make our woven scarf, we are existed to make perfect customized woven scarf.

    Custom Your Own Scarves