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Maximize Efficiency with Our DC Motor Solutions: Redefining Your Manufacturing Process

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Regarding MOTOR, we have listed the following application types, but not limited to these four types.

DC Planetary Gear Reduction Motors

DC Planetary Gear Reduction Motors are widely used in consumer electronics, office equipment, and smart home applications. They operate within a voltage range of 3.7 to 24V, with power ratings from 1 to 100W, and are available in various sizes, including 16mm, 24mm, and 36mm, among others.

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External Rotor Brushless DC Motors

External Rotor Brushless DC Motors are commonly used in areas such as massage chairs, fascia guns, fans, and more. They have a highly mature supply chain, a complete range of specifications, and offer a significant cost advantage. These motors operate within a voltage range of 8 to 26V, with power ranging from 10 to 200W, and are available in various sizes, including 28mm, 39mm, 48mm, and 55mm.

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BLDC Slotless motors

BLDC Slotless motors offer advantages such as lightweight design, small size, high efficiency, and fast response. They are primarily used in fields like robotics, medical equipment, drones, and power tools. These motors operate within a voltage range of 6-38V, with power ranging from 5-80W, and are available in various sizes, including 16mm, 20mm, 28mm, and 32mm

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Vacuum Cleaner Brushless DC Motors

Vacuum Cleaner Brushless DC Motors are primarily used in high-end vacuum cleaners and spray tools. They operate at voltages ranging from 6 to 38V, with power ratings from 40 to 450W, and offer a speed range of 8,000 to 120,000 revolutions per minute. These motors come in various outer casing diameter specifications, including 45mm, 55mm, 65mm, and 75mm, among others.

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Micro DC Motors

Micro  DC Motors, with a very high cost-performance ratio, are widely used in household appliances, office equipment, power tools, and other fields. They operate at a voltage range of 8 to 26V, with power ranging from 5 to 150W, and are available in various sizes including 18mm, 25mm, 28mm, and 42mm.

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Elevate Your Expectations with Our Exceptional Motor Design

SparkDrive possess excellent motor R&D capabilities and a rapid response rate. No matter what your requirements are, whether it’s motors or motor components, just share them with us, and we’ll bring them to life. We have CAD design capabilities for both 3D and 2D designs, motor performance parameter calculations, electromagnetic analysis, rapid prototyping of motor parts, machining, 3D printing, wire cutting, welding, and more. Our mature motor assembly processes and motor testing systems ensure quality and reliability.

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Sparking Creativity, Engineering Excellence: Your Innovative DC Motor Factory.

Unlock endless possibilities, SparkDrive empowers you with a vast motor inventory, ready to drive your projects to new heights of performance and efficiency.

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Why 200+ clients working with SparkDrive.

SparkDrive is your gateway to an elevated experience in DC motor design. We're not just another manufacturer; we're your innovation partner.


Our design philosophy is rooted in innovation. We stay at the forefront of technology, delivering motors that are a leap ahead of the competition.


No two projects are the same, and we get that. That’s why we offer tailor-made solutions, ensuring your unique needs are met with precision.


Our motors are the backbone of countless successful applications. Depend on them for consistent, reliable performance.


Whether you’re in industrial automation, medical devices, or another industry, our motors cater to a wide spectrum of applications, offering versatile solutions.

Dimensions and performance

Crafted in various dimensions and power ranges, our DC motors are precision-engineered to perform flawlessly, offering flexibility and efficiency to power your diverse applications.

Our clients say

"SparkDrive Motor has been a game-changer for TechGears International. As the Director of Procurement, I'm responsible for ensuring top-notch equipment. SparkDrive not only met but exceeded our expectations. Their quality and innovation elevated our products, contributing significantly to our success."
Sarah Mitchell,
Director of Procurement
"SparkDrive Motor's innovation is invaluable to Visionary Robotics. As CEO, I recognize the significance of reliable components for our robotic systems. SparkDrive's brushless motors have provided the precision and dependability that we demand, playing a vital role in the success of our cutting-edge solutions."

Alex Turner
"SparkDrive Motor's commitment to excellence is unparalleled. As a Production Manager at PrecisionParts Inc., I rely on quality components for our aerospace and defense applications. SparkDrive's customized brushless motors have not only met but exceeded our expectations, ensuring our products perform at the highest levels."
David Chang
Director of Engineering

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    Custom dc motors are tailored to your specific needs, offering higher efficiency, improved performance, and optimized integration in your projects.

    Custom dc motors are used in various industries, including aerospace, medical devices, robotics, automotive, and industrial automation.

    You can customize factors like size, power output, voltage, speed, and design to match your application’s requirements.

    Contact us to discuss your project’s specific needs, and our engineers will work closely with you to design a motor that fits your requirements.

    Certainly, you are welcome to our factory. Please help let us know your schedule in advance, our sales team will offer best plan.

    1 unit is workable with us.

    Depending on the stage of production, some modifications may be possible. Discuss your requirements with our team.